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simHERO empowers our business clients to manage their entire SIM connectivity. Regardless if the SIM is used in a trail camera, a tracker, alarm systems or another connected consumer electronic, our enterprise portal enables you to keep control of your clients’ SIM cards. 

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Do you define your product by including all relevant services for your customers? simHERO gives resellers or manufacturers the possibility to integrate IoT connectivity to their product offering. – all coming from YOUR hand!

Grow your business and profit from our unique ready-to-go IoT Connectivity Management Portal (CMP)! Handle every SIM card for your customer base and create reports relevant to your business. No matter your technology knowledge, we make IoT connectivity management simple and easy. 

What does simHERO ULTIMATE offer?

Experience a business model which is 100% customized to your business. simHERO ULTIMATE takes your device requirements and your target markets into account and offers you product and country specific rate plans to optimize your cost base. Besides delivering a user friendly but sophisticated management platform, simHERO provides the following additional advantages:

Unlimited Access

Connect to every available network and country through our network partners

Full Responsibility for Pricing

Transform your business towards a subscription economy

Higher Cost Efficiency

Optimize your cost base by using data pools

Fully integrate simHERO ULTIMATE

Manage your SIM cards in the web portal or integrate the software through our Rest-API

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simHERO ULTIMATE pooling options

We believe that there are more efficient methods for our customers to help optimizing the overall monthly costs. In simHERO ULTIMATE, we offer two different pool variations to do that: Flex and Static pools.

A Static pool is described by a defined allowance of data for a certain time. One or more SIM Cards can use data out of this pool. Once, the data allowance and/or the duration of the price plan is exceeded, all SIM Cards get deactivated.

A special variation of a Static pool is the pre-paid static pool with Auto-Renewal which is not bound to a billing cycle (month).

A Flex pool allows you to use the data allowance of multiple SIM cards within a price plan. With every additional activated SIM card, the overall pool for you increases. The price plan consists a data allowance per SIM and an over-usage rate per zone. In case that the data allowance is used up, the SIM card is NOT deactivated. 

Price plans can be changed at any time during the month. The price plan set on the last day of the billing cycle (month) will be charged.

The story behind
simHERO PrePaid

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