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simHERO prepaid SIM cards

Depending on the requirements of your device, simHERO offers customized prepaid plans. In accordance with your device reseller, simHERO provides the following service options:

simHERO Prepaid data plans

created for devices which require only Data (and if required receiving SMS). In accordance with our simHERO partners, we design the right plans to meet your expectations for your IoT device in terms of data packages, expiration dates and additional device information

simHERO Prepaid money plans

designed for devices which require Data and SMS (receiving and sending). Benefit from our standard or partner specific simHERO PAY-AS-YOU-GO rates by only being charged when you use our services. The simHERO money plans do not have an expiration date. To keep your SIMs alive, a monthly maintenance fee per account will be automatically charged

Access every path along your way

simHERO connects consumers and their IoT devices in the entire European Union incl. UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Lichtenstein or in the simHERO zone NA-PA which includes USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. For further information about the available networks in your country, please check the network list of your zone:

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Heroic benefits you’ll love

Ease of use

Our team aims for perfection which is why we put a lot of efforts in continuously developing and improving your management portal.

Global Coverage

IoT connectivity in nearly 680 networks in over 190 countries without network steering and access to the strongest available network


Ensure your IoT connectivity by relying on multiple networks a country

Connection for every purpose

Unite any consumer electronics device with our global IoT connectivity, regardless if it is a GPS tracker, a trail camera, or a smart home device.

Heroic Support

Our support squad will gladly guide you through all obstacles for your global SIM such as account registration, verification, or payment processes


The simHERO service is non-steering, which means that our IoT SIM card always connects to the fastest and strongest available network in your area – not to the cheapest or related networks. Therefore, simHERO’s IoT connectivity ensures a comparably higher network coverage at a more stable network environment. As IoT connectivity provider, the simHERO SIM is set to use Data(2G, 3G, 4G) and SMS.Voice and MMS services are not supported