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simHERO prepaid SIM cards

Depending on the requirements of your device, simHERO offers customized prepaid plans. In accordance with your device reseller, simHERO provides the following service options:

simHERO prepaid data plans

Crafted specifically for devices that solely demand data (and, if necessary, SMS reception), our offerings align seamlessly with our simHERO partners. We meticulously tailor plans to align with your IoT device needs, encompassing data packages, expiry dates, and supplementary device particulars, ensuring every expectation is not just met, but exceeded.

simHERO prepaid money plans

Crafted for devices needing both data and SMS capabilities, our services offer the flexibility of standard or partner-specific simHERO PAY-AS-YOU-GO rates, ensuring you’re only billed for usage. Plus, with simHERO money plans, there’s no expiry date to worry about. To maintain your SIMs, a monthly maintenance fee per account is automatically applied, keeping you connected without interruption.

Access every path along your way

simHERO seamlessly connects consumers with their IoT devices across the entire European Union, including the UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Alternatively, enjoy connectivity in the simHERO zone NA-PA, encompassing the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. For detailed network information specific to your country, refer to the network list within your zone.

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Ease of use

We strive for perfection, investing significant effort into continuously developing and enhancing your management portal.

Global Coverage

IoT connectivity spans nearly 680 networks across 190+ countries, offering access to the strongest available network without steering.


Secure your IoT connectivity with multiple networks per country.

Connection for every purpose

Connect any consumer electronics device with our global IoT connectivity, whether it's a GPS tracker, trail camera, or smart home device.

Heroic Support

Our support team is here to assist you with any challenges you may encounter with your global SIM, including account registration, verification, or payment processes.


simHERO’s service is non-steering, guaranteeing that our IoT SIM card consistently connects to the fastest and strongest available network in your area, prioritizing performance over cost or affiliated networks. This ensures comparably broader network coverage and a more stable network environment. As an IoT connectivity provider, the simHERO SIM is configured for Data (2G, 3G, 4G) and SMS services only, with no support for Voice and MMS services.