simHERO IoT SIM cards in kids watches

Is there anything more important than our children? Not for simHERO. As parents, we fully understand the balance between giving our kids freedom while keeping them away from any threats and danger. And for love of our children, we at simHERO put a lot of efforts when it comes down to protecting them – also with connected electronic devices such as kids watches and kids trackers.

Mobile network

You are coming home right now

Are you sick of being sick and tired of not knowing where your child is? Or do you simply want to be sure that your kid arrived at home? Devices such as kids watches are useful tools to allow real time communication with your kid at any time and to check its current location provided by mobile network technology. To increase this highly sensitive security issue, simHERO assures this line between parent and children by connecting to the strongest network – and switching to the next network if the prior one is getting lost.  

Voice over IP

May I talk to you for a second

Many kids watches provide secure communication channels which do not allow external persons to get in touch with our beloved ones. These channels include mobile messages, video chats or calls with assigned persons. In this regard, many manufacturers switch their technology to VoIP (Voice over IP) which uses mobile data to create these calls. simHERO is able to support this new technology to keep both, parents and kids in touch.

Global IoT connectivity

I'm out

Kids grow fast and sooner than later they will explore their own adventures. We at simHERO believe that getting in touch with your kid should not end simply because you are not in their fellowship. Our global IoT connectivity is available all over the Globe and we make sure that your kid is safe and sound during their adventures in the woods, their first school trip or in general, in their adventure of life.