simHERO Software

The right managing tools to control your adventure

simHERO provides you with the right equipment to prevent you from any risky and uncertain paths on your venture. To offer this helpful tool for end-users and enterprises alike, we created two connectivity management tools adapted to the unique needs for both target groups.

Power to the people

simHERO End-user Portal

Accompanied by our PREPAID model, the simHERO End-user Portal enables end-users across the Globe to manage their connected IoT device. We empower all our end-users to not only manage one specific device but instead managing every kind of IoT consumer electronics in one single account. 

Naturally, end-users are able to purchase device-related rate plans. Every global IoT simHERO SIM can have its own rate plan in accordance with our simHERO sales partner who distributes their connected IoT device together with the simHERO SIM card. simHERO takes over the responsibility for end-user billing and pricing.

In addition, the End-user Portal displays all relevant SIM information such as ICCID, telephone number, the remaining data credit and the expiration date of the chosen rate plan. Furthermore, we keep our end-users informed if the SIM is running out of credit or if the data plan expires.

Features at a glance:

  • Recharge the SIM card with customized plans for the IoT device
  • Email notifications to keep end-user informed about the SIM status
  • Auto Renewal feature to keep all SIMs connected at all time
  • Edit the SIM name of the device to keep things simple and clear
  • Overview of payment history and downloadable invoice
  • simHERO to take charge of billing, pricing and support

The all-in-one business solution



Regardless if you have 100s or 1000s of IoT SIM cards or more than one type of product to supervise: simHERO ULTIMATE Platform offers our business clients a powerful administration tool to access and manage every IoT SIM card from a central location.

simHERO ULTIMATE Platform is accessible via the web and is able to be fully integrated through our Rest-API. We empower our business clients to completely overlook and manage all their SIM cards and create an organization which reflects their business. In order to gather an understanding for your business, simHERO provides standard usage reports for each sub organization over a specific time period.

Some of the most relevant functionalities and information available:

  • Change SIM network and billing status
  • Find out in which country or network the SIM is connected
  • Check the data usage of one specific or all SIM cards
  • Avoid unplanned expenses through automated rules and notification alerts
  • Check in which device a SIM is built in
  • Switch between available rate plans
  • Create reports upon your demand